Joba Chamberlain and the middle relief

The Yankees put up another bunch of runs in the later half of game 2 against the Angels yesterday and fended off a comeback by the Halos. No thanks to Joba Chamberlian.

Don’t get me wrong: I like the guy. In fact, I like the guy a lot. He has good stuff. But you can’t say much about his 2010 performance. It seems like lately, he can’t get through an appearance without giving up a run, and when you check his <a href="">game logs</a>, that feeling isn’t too far from the truth. He’s made 7 appearances in July so far and surrendered a run in 4 appearances for a total of 7 ER. That’s just too many runs surrendered too often. With his fastball/slider combo, he really should be able to get it done, but as we saw during the days of Kyle Farnsworth, velocity is only half the battle – you’ve got to locate that fastball, or you’re screwed.

David Robertson had a pretty awesome June; he only let up 1 ER in 9 IP while striking out 9. That’s what I call relief. In July, he got blown up in that one game against Toronto, but the rest of the month, he’s been solid and is the only other guy in the pen you can count on other than Mariano Rivera. I think It might be time to have D-Rob setup and move Joba to the 7th – I think it could awaken that famous Joba "bulldog mentality" that certain radio talk show hosts love to talk about. Or, it could shatter whatever confidence he has left.

The rest of the pen? Well, they pretty much suck. Damaso Marte and Alfredo Aceves are both on the DL, its only a matter of time before Chad Gaudin and Chan Ho Park get DFA’d, Boone Logan will be back to triple A when Marte returns, as good as Jonathan Albaladejo’s triple A numbers have been, his first 2010 MLB appearance didn’t inspire much confidence, and Dustin Moseley won’t last much longer. No idea what options are available at triple A… I don’t want to see Mark Melancan again – he clearly can’t get anybody out at the MLB level. Not sure about the little I’ve seen of Ivan Nova…

The trade market? No idea who’s available there, either. What I do know is that every team that’s buying will be looking for pitching, so it’s not going to be easy to get a quality reliever in here, unless he’s over paid… and there’s no way to know if he’ll be able to handle New York. Sigh…


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