Yankees Winning Streak Hits Six


The Yankees got off to a rocky start but man, they’ve been playing well lately. Read the rest of this entry


Yankees 2016 Starting Pitching 1st Time Through Rotation Yields Surprising Results


I know, I know, small sample size, but man, I didn’t see this result coming the first time through the Yankees 2016 starting pitching rotation.  Read the rest of this entry

Yankees 2016 Season Preview


Hope springs eternal.

The start of the New York Yankees 2016 season is nearly upon us, but what can we expect?  Will a mix of youth and veterans produce a winner or will the kids flame out and the old men fall apart? Read the rest of this entry

Yankees 2015 Postmortem

brian cashman

“Pretty sure our trade deadline strategy is going to get criticized…”

The Yankees 2015 season is in the books.  They did better than everyone thought they would, but it sure did end ugly.  Read the rest of this entry

Guessing at the Yankees Postseason Pitching Rotation


How silly are these hats? They remind me of something….

Read the rest of this entry

Yogi Berra passes at age 90



May 12, 1925 – September 22, 2015

Everybody knows Yogi Berra.  You don’t have to be a Yankees fan, a baseball fan or even a sports fan – Yogi transcends all that stuff.  He was the sort of guy that people identified with immediately; at five foot seven, he wasn’t exactly pro athlete size, but he easily held his own amongst Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio.  I cannot put into words how amazing this guy was.  After he finished fighting the Nazis (Berra was a D-Day veteran), he made his major league debut in 1946 at 21 years old.  His stats are amazing – look how many 20 HR seasons, look at the RBI!  Look at his record as a manager!  The guy was a flat-out winner at everything.

I could go on all day, but just surf around the web and read about Yogi Berra.  Every aspect of his life is fascinating and he made the world a better place in every conceivable way a man can.  He may be gone, but he’ll NEVER be forgotten.

Yankees @Mets and @BlueJays – 6 games that determine whether they make the playoffs



After yesterday’s rest, the Yankees will play 17 games in 17 days and the first 6 could make or break their playoff chances.  Things are very scary for the Bronx Bombers right now. Read the rest of this entry

Blue Jays @ Yankees: 4 games in the Bronx that determine the season


The Yankees are starting a 4 game set with the Blue Jays tonight that will determine the 2015 season for them.  If they win the series (taking 3 of 4 or better), they still have a chance to win the division.  If the Bombers fold like Superman on laundry day, they’ll most likely still win the wild card and have to play the all or nothing play in-game, which is a total crapshoot.  There are three things I have my eye on for this series, so here we go.  Read the rest of this entry

@Yankees – More Runs, Please!


The Yankees have scored 2 runs or less 10 times so far this month and are 2-8 in said games, which makes sense.  Nevertheless, the Yankees are second in all of baseball in team runs scored (behind the Blue Jays) and in runs per game (also behind the Blue Jays) and also currently second in the AL East.  BEHIND.  THE.  BLUE.  JAYS.  Read the rest of this entry

Yankee Stuff: Sabathia + PEDs?, Bottom of the Order, Pitching, Alumni Club House and more


Is it just me, or is Target Field giving us the finger?  Right there, passed second base in the outfield…

A lot has changed since my last post – it’s been a while.  The trade deadline came and went without a major move, the Blue Jays are loaded for bear and there’s a lot of baseball yet to be played between these two teams… But yeah, let me get the CC Sabathia thing out-of-the-way.  Read the rest of this entry

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